Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was excited when I re-started my blog again. I was excited about being able to express my thoughts and ideas, however ridiculous they may be, with the entirety of the world - or the two people who may stumble into this blog. The problem I have found is that to sit and create a "blog" takes time. Time is something this semester that I have had little to NO free time this semester. Thus the title of my blog - busy.

What makes me so busy? Well for starters, I am a full time graduate student. This fact alone consumes a good bit of my time. Secondly I have more responsibility at work than last year. This pretty much translates to this equation: store open + Tyler not in class = Tyler at store. This equation removes some of the free time I had last year. Finally, and I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I have acquired a special companion. Meagan gets the best of the remaining time I have to offer. The sum total of time required to fulfill the commitments of this paragraph actually equates to more than the amount of hours in a week.

My struggle is this: I am struggling in the realm of time. I anticipate a brief vacation this coming weekend to Gulf Shores with the Wilkes. I am ultra excited to have some time to get away and just do pretty much nothing. I am just getting over a pretty vicious cold, which has caused me to be laying around doing nothing.

All this summed together means that I am desperately longing for some quality time with the Lord. I give my best effort to find time to sit and study and talk, but minutes are few. I try to spend a good amount of time loving on those around me and ministering to them, even if that means just trying to share a laugh at work or listen to someone ramble in class, etc. Beyond that, I long for some true time with the Lord. As camp approaches, the necessity of my abiding in Him is becoming increasingly evident. I am having trouble getting prayed up for this summer because I don't have time to be fully prayed up on the current events of my life.

This is a weak blog moment, and I recognize that. This is my plea for prayer from all 2 of you. I would love it. Pray for my daily life. My relationship with Jesus. My relationships with people. Camp coming up and all related prep work. My family. School work. I got nothing but much love for you, so your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Much love...