Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Beach

Let me start off by saying that I would prefer to go to the mountains on a vacation than a beach any day of the week. However, I will admit that today the beach won my excitement for the moment. Today our team got to spend about 1 1/2ish hours just hanging out at the beach. Some swam, some laid around, some got a sea urchin thrown into the back of their head and some did the throwing. The team needed that. We needed a moment to not worry about camp, travel, logistics or where we were going to eat. And the Lord provided that opportunity.

I was reminded while we were there that sometimes, at least in my life, I begin to think about what I'm doing for the Lord and how I think it does not look so good. For example, what a good or a bad location for camp would look like. The beach/ocean reminded me of a truth that I need to hang on to more frequently than I do: Why worry about what the Lord's work looks like, just enjoy what He is doing. Personally I have been a little frustrated with the setup of our current location of camp. The bottom line of it though: the Lord wants camp done at this location, this week or else we wouldn't be here.

Sometimes I need to stop trying to figure out how to make the Lord's work happen, and just enjoy the Lord's design for things. This came as my team and I enjoyed the Lord's design for the earth, including the Atlantic Ocean.

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Friday, June 19, 2009


Sorry it's been awhile. I hate to keep both of my readers waiting. Let me say very quickly (because it is 12:45am where I am and I need to be in bed already) that the Lord is moving at camp...both weeks! We saw 14 first time commitments to Christ in week 1, followed by 16 first time in week 2. That's not to mention all the other decisions and workings that the Lord did that I am unable to quantify. Can I just say the Lord is good? 30 kids that will be able to know God forever blows my mind.

Here's the hard part about it: me. I do not in any form or fashion deserve the job I have as camp pastor this summer. I stand on stage at camp and let everyone in the room know about Jesus...and I LOVE THAT! The problem is that I am so unworthy to be a part of what the Lord is doing, that it gets to me. I will admit that the overwhelming feelings did not come till much later in week 2's Thursday night because I simply just had to worship, rejoice, laugh, hug, and glorying in God's presence with the staff. However, most nights it takes me a long time after worship to "process" what just occurred and what the Lord did.

Bottom line: I am so unworthy to be a part of the Lord's work. However, I am chosen for this summer to do so. "All that I can do is give it back to You!"

I got much love for you...